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Merging PDF Reports

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jul 20, 2011
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I have ran into many situations and businesses that wished we had a way to merge multiple report pdfs into one pdf.  Many times the use case is an executive report for a higher level exec or business client contact that might not want to get 10+ different emails with 10+ different pdfs and instead just wants one email from an operational team per month with one attachment containing all reports.


Attached is a powershell script that makes use of the PDFsharp assemblies (included in attachment as well) that allows you to merge all PDFs in a given folder into one PDF via the CLI.  In the script, you will need to point to the full path of the dll as such:


Add-Type -Path C:\scripts\PDFsharp-MigraDocFoundation-Assemblies-1_31\GDI+\PdfSharp.dll


CLI Syntax: mergePDFs.ps1 –path c:\scripts\pdfdirectory –filename c:\scripts\mergedexecutivereport.pdf


Hope this helps,


Matt Craddock

RSA Professional Services