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RSA Ace Server - duplicate data

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Apr 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2008 by RSA Admin

I'm running Envision 3.5.1 and also have and ACE server running 6.0.  I've been trying to find an acceptable way to get the logs over to the Envision box, without deleting the log on the ACE server.  We've come accustomed to using the logfile on the ACE server and have reports etc using it.  I've setup the SFTPAgent to push the logs over to Envision, but can't seem to avoid getting duplicate data.


ACE log Maintenance is setup with ARCHIVE ONLY, REPLACE FILE, HOURLY

The SFTPagent.conf is set to Not delete the log.


Problem is that every hour, RSA will copy the entire log to the Archive and in turn Envision will pull the file in each time.  I don't want to use the ARCHIVE and DELETE option because then I'll have no logs at the ACE server for reporting and troubleshooting. 


Most other systems I am able to maintain my logfiles locally as well has have Envision get their copy.  Seems that I should be able to do the same with ACE.