LS Maint Commands

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LS Maint Command to back up previous month's event data.

To be performed on the ASRV or ES Standalone System.


Copies the files to the Destination Directory with the same hierarchy structure as source location.

Includes all CRC, Summary and Index files.





Copies all event data from the previous calendar month to the UNC path. Keep in mind the UNC patch or drive mapping is unique to where you want the data backed up. In the command above Centera01/enVision is the UNC path.



To Verify all CRC Values

enVision keeps CRC records for all Event Data

LS Maint enables you to verify all CRC values to prove that the data has not been modified while resident on disk


LSMaint-VerifyCRC-loggingLevel 7-devicesetPCI-device*-time-0M end


Verifies CRC values for all events collected from the device group PCI for the current month.