Lsmaint indexing question

Discussion created by ksaunders on Jul 21, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2011 by RSA Admin

I have a client who purchased a secondary NAS.  We are able to map to this NAS just like the Primary. 


They would like to have any data older than X months on the Secondary, and not on the Primary.


I proposed doing this with a LSMaint -move command, and adding the secondary NAS directories as read-only, not writable using the GUI.


My question is this.....   Once I move the data, will enVision know to access the information on the secondary NAS, and not the Primary?  Will the location of the data be updated by the locator service?

How long does this usually take to update the pointers?  Is there an extra step(s) I need to take in addition to the LSMaint -move command?