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Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jul 14, 2008
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I've previously posted in this section requesting formal support for the latest version of Nessus, specifically support for reports generated via the GUI.


While I do appreciate the reply - frankly I was not satisfied.


There is a tremendous value proposition inherent in many of the popular Open Source security tools such as Nessus and Snort - to name but a few.  Not being able to fully leverage an expensive proprietary SIEM solution such as enVision as a central locus in event collection for these devices makes absolutely no sense.  I'll admit that the Snort support is decent - yet the stated "officially supported" version is somewhat dated.  Nessus is as capable as any of the vulnerability scanners marketed - if not more so.  Where Nessus is weak is in reporting.  Enter enVision - which could be positined to make what is an extermely low-cost (and high quality) vulnerability scanner into an even more useful tool.


Snort just released its latest implementation which natively supports inline mode - yes free as in beer IPS is right around the corner. 


Isn't supporting low-cost Open-Source security solutions an inherent value-add?


RSA needs to get serious about Open-Source support - timely Open-Source support.


-Scott Ashton