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Dashboard reporting 1-9999 and not 1-999 minutes

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Aug 16, 2011

Now you can create dashboard reports, which contain data only from 1 to 999 minutes. RSA could very easily change this value for instance to 1-9999 minutes (almost 1 week). It is obvious that you cannot run every report on every hour or more frequently like that. However, if you use simple baseline reporting table, you can create simple overview reports without any filtering very fast. It works as fast as Analysis Tool / Event Viewer / Graph View / Events by Event Type or Time.


This way you could choose some basic MessageIDs or EventCategoryNames and view weekly trends. Those reports can be created within seconds. Perhaps RSA could allow 1-9999 minute reports only with ceratin reporting tables... 


Another Dashboard related problem is report placement, which is based on database GUID values (alphabetical order). You cannot change the order of the reports, which is pretty annoying.