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Addition/disabling of log sourcesdevices remotely

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Aug 12, 2008
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Since we would like to automate as much as possible of the process of adding new devices to be monitored, we would like to see the possibility to add new devices remotely.


The reason is that since our environment is changing constantly with (primarly) new Windows servers being added all the time and with a couple of thousand servers it gets cumbersome to ensure that all servers are monitored by being added to the agentless logfetching list. If this would be possible we could script the addition of new devices in our asset management system, so that when a new system gets added to the assetmanagement system, that assetmanagment system also ensures it is added in to envision. It would be great to have the possibility to disable monitoring as well, but I guess that would be hard to implement in a way without introducing the risk of disabling by "evil users".


What also could be handy is a compare function. Say that you have a list of devices that should have agentless windows logfetching enabled, maybe a function where you could load it in and get a list with deviations which have not been added to envision for some reason.


I have not seen this kind of features in the roadmap list yet.


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