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VMWare Events not containing some of the information needed

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Mar 17, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2010 by RSA Admin

I have noticed that the some of the VmWare events do not contain the user information.


The following event was retrieved by Envision and does not contain the user information. Therefore, I will be unable to retrieve the information as to whom initiated a task on a Virtual Machine.


,Description=VirtualMachine.reconfigure,EventChainId=8727687,Key=task-51132,QueuedAt=[Mar 17 10 16:31:27],State=success,Name=ReconfigVM_Task,Target=XXXXXXX,StartedAt=[Mar 17 10 16:31:27]


When I look at the VM Center I see that the user information is part of the event. Is this configurable or Envision does not pull the information about the user whatsoever?


Some other events appear to be lacking the Target Name.


Has anybody seen anything similar?