Assets and users mapping

Discussion created by GrzegorzF on Jul 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by RSA Admin

I would like to see feature, which enable me to build watchlists using internal and external datasources. Ie. it should be possible to populate watchlist using:

- assets list from VAM, 

- list of values from query or report (with scheduler)

- list of values from any file and odbc/jdbc data source (with scheduler)


I would like also to see extension of assets in the way of "unmonitored devices", so I can set parameters which can not be discovered by VA scanner. This parameters like department, type and others should be accessible in reports in a way of run time parameters and as filters for views. 


Another new feature is integration with identity management systems, so I can see in reports and views name of the account owner now ID. Many companies use user ids like "US1234984", but in report I want to see "John Doe". It should be done in the same as DNS resolution, so each table in database should have additional field like "real user name". Ability to assign additional parameters (like department, boss etc) I will also appreciate. This integratio might be done like ordinary file, JDBC/ODBC and LDAP (!!!) source with some predefined schemas for Actice Directory, /etc/passwd, some Identity Management System (preferable Novell).