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Adopt Windows Powershell for common scripting tasks - like configuration backups and restores

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jun 26, 2008
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I have been looking into WIndows powershell functionality and it appears to be much more flexible than vbscript. I specifically have a use case where I need to back up configuration data that has been entered at a POC and transfer it to another appliance. Currently, it looks as if that is a strictly manual process. I would like to see it automated and ultimately become part of the GUI. As far as I can tell, here is what needs to be backed up to save a configuration - tell me if I missed something.


Views/Alerts: \\nic\3700\sitename\views\* (also an import/export option)

Rules: \\nic\3700\sitename\rules\* (also an import/export option)

Reports: \\nic\3700\sitename\reports\*

Dashboard Reports:\\nic\3700\sitename\?


Event Explorer:located at C:\Program Files\Network Intelligence Corporation\Event Explorer

Commands: C:\Program Files\Network Intelligence Corporation\Event Explorer\Commands

Display Methods:C:\Program Files\Network Intelligence Corporation\Event Explorer\Display Methods

Connections: C:\Program Files\Network Intelligence Corporation\Event Explorer\Connections


The other pieces like ODBC connectors and File Reader configs should also be considered part of the configuration and marked for backup/restore, IMHO.