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Problem of connection on appliances with Windows Remote Desktop tool.

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Aug 19, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2008 by RSA Admin

Hi everybody,


From the beginning I can' t access to RSA appliances with Remote Desktop Windows tool.

However, I have checked:

  • that relevant Firewall accesses have been successfully opened ;
  • none routing problem has blocked my request on the network ;
  • users credentials are authorized to be connected on these appliances with this protocol ;


The stranger with this problem is the following: "from some VLAN network I can access to these appliances and from other VLAN network I can't access to these appliances!!". Moreover I am sure the source of this problem is not a routing/firewall restriction due to the network company.


After trying all possibilities from my mind, I ask help from RSA Community...Do you have already meet this problem? In this case, How do you have solved it?


My main idea will be to think I must modify a parameter/rule into appliances (ie: Windows restriction??).