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Windows Event Logs Alerts

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jul 7, 2010
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I'm trying to parse down the amount of data in an alert message for a windows event log. Is there any way of just parsing this


<@fld61:*PARMVAL(event_user)><@utcstamp:*UTC($MSG,'%B %D %N:%U:%O %W',datetime)><@groupid:*PARMVAL(user_id)><@username:*PARMVAL(group)><@category:Account_Management> <@event_user:*RMQ(event_user)><event_log>,<linenum>,<day> <datetime>,<event_id>,<event_source>,<event_user>,<event_type>,<event_computer>,<category>,<data>,<event_description>: <space> Member Name: <misc_name> Member ID: <misc_id> Target Account Name: <group> Target Domain: <domain> Target Account ID: <user_id> Caller User Name: <c_user_name> Caller Domain: <c_domain> Caller Logon ID <c_logon_id> Privileges: <privileges>


down to just a few of the variables? The alert goes out to an on-call phone and dealing with the wall of text is painfull.