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Creating new tables

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jul 21, 2008
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after creating a few UDS for several custom devices  (tables form DBS, unique applications etc.) i have come to a problem that keeps bugging me, do i have to stick to the already defined category tables in the enVision like Database or Acees Control when creating a new device or can i create new tables that suits to my needs - it's abosord to try to adjust every possible device to an existing table let's take for example - AS400 Razlee firewall events - this device generates a 30~40 fileds events how can i "bend" the fileds to fit in an already defined table?

so no i can't fully analyze the events because 70%~ of the fildes can not be related to an existing table.

if anyone knows if and how to add new tables i'll be greatful for the help.