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Assets evolution.

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jul 20, 2010



I've just integrated Nessus and I'm able to see assets and their vulnerabilities. So far so good.


The problem emerges when I solve one vulnerability, scan the asset and enVision processes the report: I cannot see any change in enVision.


My simplest test is:
   1 Scan an asset and load the report into enVision.
   2 I validate enVision creates Asset and its vulnerabilities.
   3 Close one port that has vulnerabilities (in fact, I shutdown down the service).
   4 Compare both reports to make sure new report has less vulnerabilities.
   5 Load new report into enVision.
   6 Check Asset state in "Browse Assets" and run reports.

The problem is I cannot see any difference between scans. (point 2 and 6)


Is enVision able to do any king of tracking?
If so, how can I trace the evolution of an asset or a vulnerability?

Can I see any historical evolution?


enVision Version: enVision v4.0 SP 3 Build: 0311

Thanks in advance!