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Thoughts on "RSA enVision Administration and Operation" Training July 22 - 24, 2008

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jul 28, 2008
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I just got back from Bedford, Massachusetts after attending the "RSA enVision Administration and Operation" training class.  It was held at the RSA Headquarters and was an instructor led class. 


I have to say, being new to enVision, that this class was worth every penny.  The insights into the various features of the application were very helpful in understanding its use.  Although, I must admit that some of the topics I was hoping the class would cover were not included.  For example, there was no discussion of the "lsmaint" command. 


Overall, the class did a great job in exposing the major facets of the application and had many accompanying labs.  We did quite a few of the "hands on" exercises in the lab manual.  The instructor was knowledgeable of enVision and was able to answer most of the questions the class had.  However, I did get the impression that he did not use application in a production environment.  But that was certainly OK, the important subject matter was discussed thoroughly. 


If you are new to enVision like me and have the opportunity to take the class, it will *definitely* help fill in any holes of knowledge you might be missing.  In fact, RSA should include the price of this class when they sell the appliances – it would help any aspiring administrator get off to the right foot with enVision. 


Another interesting note from the class – the networking opportunity with fellow enVision administrators.  The overall class was about the same skill level – some people had more experience than others, but not by much.  I hope my classmates find their way to the Intelligence Community so we can exchange tips and tricks...


DebbieU, they did mention the Intelligence Community in class (as well as my Sales Rep, Morgan Miller and a colleague, Paul a fellow with an English accent mentioned it as well).