enVision 4.0 SP4 P3

Discussion created by kumo_parris on Nov 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2011 by RSA Admin
I was wondering if anyone started experiencing any strange behavior with the GUI, after installing P3. We installed the patch on 9/1 and are just starting to see several strange issue in the enVision GUI. These issues just started to creep up over the last week on all our GUIs. Have you encountered any of these issues with the product at all? - Windows Device Service Add Device screen doesn't come up; - Can't run adhoc reports - error that start time is outside available date range; Looking at the custom time the default date is Dec 31, 1969 (very, very, strange); - Scheduled reports are returning empty results; - Analysis tab->Message View screen doesn't paint after Java logo; - Analysis tab->Create New Query lower half of screen doesn't paint;