Stonesoft StoneGate Management Center

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The StoneGate Management Center forms the core of the StoneGate Platform, providing unified network security management for StoneGate Firewall, VPN and IPS solutions.


Release Date

What’s New In This Release


Initial support for Stonesoft StoneGate


Add reporting variables for haddress and enVision ID


Modified deployment scripts via ESI 1.2.0 for EnVision 4.1 support


Modified for content 2.0 format

Note: Content 2.0 features substantial improvements to the parsing of event data into the various tables that are used for queries and reports. Content 2.0 is the future direction for all event sources within the supported library. For rules and reports, note the following:

-For factory reports, as existing event sources are converted to Content 2.0, their device-specific reports are updated to work with the new content. In some cases, class-specific reports have replaced device-specific reports.

-Factory correlated rules have been modified to take advantage of the improved tables, variables and parsing.

-Custom rules, that involve event sources updated to work with Content 2.0, need to be rewritten.

-Custom reports may not produce the same results as previously. For guidance on updating custom reports, see the RSA enVision Content Inspection Tool document and the online Help topics that describe the Content 2.0 tables