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iSeries Invalid Password Details - Missing Details

Discussion created by Charles Beierle on Sep 9, 2009

I openned a ticket on this which is being classified as an enhancement. It is cosmetic really but even cosmetic issues can catch an auditor's eye.


Issue: The description field of the Host->MidRange->iSeries->Invalid Password Details report is missing info on some entry subtypes. Failure of the CHKPWD auth method, failure due to expired password and disabled profile were all missing.


Resolution: Update the text. That's it, just add the missing info to read this way:


This table displays Invalid Login Attempts.<br><br>  <u>Entry SubType Codes:</u> <br><b>A</b> - APPC bind failure, <b>C</b> - Auth with CHKPWD failed, <b>D</b> - Service tools user ID name not valid, <b>E</b> - Service tools user ID password not valid, <br><b>P</b> - Password not valid, <b>Q</b> - Profile disabled, <b>R</b> - Profile password expired, <b>S</b> - SQL Decryption password is not valid, <b>U</b> - User name not valid, <br><b>X</b> - Service tools user ID is disabled, <b>Y</b> - Service tools user ID not valid, <b>Z</b> - Service tools user ID password not valid  <br>

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