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Requirement gathering for enVision's Alerter component

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Nov 25, 2008

Dear All,


We are trying to gather & prioritize enVision 'Alerter' specific market requirements (around Views, OutPutActions, Configurations, Real-Time/Historical Alerts etc.) for next year. Objective is to improve the productivity & efficiency of analyst in dealing with alerts through enVision. To help us achieve this, I would request you to provide following information based on your experience -


1. What new functionality/change/improvement would you like to see in Alerter?

2. What use case does this functionality affects?

3. What is the business impact and priority of proposed request?


You can directly send a mail to with your responses. I would be happy to talk to you if you like to like to give your feedback over the phone. Please let me know and I will set up some time.


Vikas Seth
Senior Product Manager, enVision
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