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Windows Agenetless question

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Oct 10, 2008
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I an runing the agentless collector on about 70 Domain controllers.  I have been running the Wintool each day to look at the status because in genrela the log collection does not seem stable.  Every day I see a number of devices that are labled as disabled for usually one of two reasons.  One being the access was denied and the other being the file does not exist.  The collection user has the needed rights and files do exist.  THe systems amrked as disabled change day to day meaning ones marked disabled are fine today and disabled tomorrow.  Ones marked disabled today are fine tomorrow.  There are no network issues between the server and the systems it is collecting data from.


We have 20 domains and it is not all servers in the domain but usually it is all files on a server.  Some days it might be 2 other days it is 20.


How can I determine what is causing these disables?