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Troubleshoot message as loaded into the table

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Sep 2, 2008
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How do I troubleshoot were a message is not showing up in the desired table?


I am parsing the message and assigning it to a table.  The message tag in the xml is this:


    content="PCNX  E TPM_CF    (&lt;threshold&gt:smileywink: Connection &lt;action&gt; for user &lt;username&gt; reason : &lt;reason&gt;" />



  My uds -device axwaygateway -parm command returns this:


-device class information 267

   InternalName:             Name:           CategoryName:   LI: MsgInfo:
   DID: Image:      Hdrs:  T / L / S
01 Axway Gateway             axwaygateway    APPLICATION SERVERSU621axwaygateway
msg621  axwaygateway1       (0.2511 / 1 / 0)


10: axwaygateway Lines 1
Variable List for data category access_security identifier 57
        Variable:       Ref:    Use:
         action         1
         reason         1
         threshold      1
         username       1
parseData 0:


 After running injector I can see the messages coming in, but queries to the Access Control Security table return no data.


Can anyone see an error on my part?  How can I troubleshoot the data after I see it in a realtime Events - Message View and why it is not loaded into the table?