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Posting Requests for Help

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Sep 2, 2008



If you want to post a request for the Intelligence Community to look at some UDS work you did because you are having a problem, I would recommend the following approach:


1) Post the XML file for the deviceas anattachment.  If you just copy and paste code, you run the risk of character sets being converted into emoticons and other format-related silliness.


2) Post an lsdata dump of the logs as an attachment.  If you are having trouble parsing, just sending the XML does little good - we need to know what the raw log looks like.  It's ok to scrub log data like usernames, ipaddresses, etc.,  but make sure the log retains it's format!  Don't know how to do an lsdata dump?  Read here:

[[page no longer exists]]


3) Post a description of the problem, including what version of enVision you are using and what version of the UDS console.


It's hard for others to offer a good solution if all the parts of the problem aren't there :smileywink: