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RSA Authentication for HFM Smartview Addin

Question asked by RSA Admin Employee on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Hussein El Baz

Hi all,


I am new here. I have a basic question here.


I have a website which is secured through RSA SecurID Authentication. When the user access the website, the user will be prompted to RSA Authentication - RSA Passcode.


There is another way to access the system through the Microsoft Excel i.e. through HFM Smartview Excel Add-in. As part of the add-in, there is already a place to enter the URL, User ID and password to access the system.


How do I go about ensuring that the user will be authenticated by RSA passcode OR since the website is already enabled with RSA SecurID Authentication, automatically there will be a pop-up prompt for user to enter the passcode before proceeding to the next steps.


Any help and guidance will be very much appreciated?