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What is the RSA process for upgrading postgresql from 8.4.13 to 9.1 on the SA Server.

Question asked by RSA Admin Employee on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by RSA Admin

RSA has shipped CentOS6 with the Security Analytics Instance.  This version comes with Postgresql 8.4.13.  RSA has just released SA 10.2 Service Pack2 as an upgrade.  The upgrade contains an rpm "rsaMalwareDevice-"  this rpm fails with a dependency over postgresql91-server.  However, RSA has not provided any means to perform this upgrade over postgresql.  Are we supposed to manually perform this or does RSA have an official process to:

1) back up the old DB

2) upgrade the new DB

3) Initialize the new DB

4) migrate any data

5) Start using the new DB


Installing postgresql92-server did not have any affect and this prevents the user from using the free version of Malware.