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Can someone share below sample files for lua parser?

Question asked by huan zhou on Apr 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by RSA Admin

Hi Guys,

I got the document but don't have samples files. If have can please share?


And anyone have documents on writing flex/lua parsers?



A demonstration of a very simple lua parser: see a pattern, fire an alert (no moves, reads, finds, etc). This

should be the easiest parser to see what the parser is doing.

• simple.parser

A simple parser in flex. It doesn't parse anything real, it is only meant to be demonstrative and used in

conjunction with simple_parser.lua

• simple_parser.lua

Identical in functionality to simple.parser (flex). Demonstrating some basic equivalencies between flex and

lua, used in conjunction with simple.parser.

• demo_parser.lua

A simple but heavily commented parser in lua. Again, it doesn't parse anything real. The comments explain

in detail every aspect of the parser.

• flex_to_lua_quick_reference.txt

A condensed guide for flex to lua equivalencies.

• nw-api.lua

The definitive documentation