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Configuring Ethernet Interfaces on Security Analytics v 10.4

Question asked by Diego Colarullo on Oct 9, 2014

Hello Community

I am deploying the RSA Security Analytics Infrastructure (v 10.4).

I am configuring each appliance with two Ethernet interfaces (Eth0 and Eth1) for two different subnets (one is x.y.z.t and x.y.S.P) The second Subent is segrated from the first one. I need to setup the infrastructure in the following way:


I want that the communication among appliances should be done using the interface eth1 instead the access via browser for the web console and the access via ssh for all applainces (for example) should be done using the interface eth0.


I understood that all services are listening on the interface Eth0, in fact after the installation if i try to add an applaince using the web console i get success using the IP Address of the Eth0 but i I try to do the same using the Ip address of the Eth1 i cannot do it receiving this error "Unable to connect to endpoint vives://"


Can I configure the settings for each appliance to address that?


I hope I have been clear to express the issue.

thanks for the cooperation