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Log Collector partly push events to Log Decoder

Question asked by hubba900 on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2015 by Deepanshu Sood



I have issue when Log Collector partly push events to Log Decoder.

For example, I have 3 types ODBC event sources. Events from 2 types events sources pushing correctly and from another type I receive messages like those:


[zlock.ZLock_SZ] [processing] [ZLock_SZ] [processing] 96 event(s) failed to flush.  Some data may have been lost as a result.

Unable to start AMQP Log Receiver: Error in opening SSL/TLS connection for socket


I also have event sources type of file. My Log Collector no doing anything with this type of event sources. No one string in my logs about any activity. I see error like:


Apr 2 21:35:21 xxx nw[22330]: [LogdecoderProcessor] [failure] [queue.file] [processing] [Receiver WorkUnit] [processing] LogDecoder processor error from queue LogDecoder.logdecoder.file at location Reason: connection error: 320: CONNECTION_FORCED - broker forced connection closure with reason 'shutdown'