Pulling information data from within a database SQL 2008 of an application

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There is an application (IBMS) database running on SQL server 2008 that we need to integrate with Envision.


However, the catch here is that we're not interested in the OS windows event logs, nor in the SQL trace files which capture all audit trail activities on the SQL DB.


What we're interested in is the actual content (raw logs/information) stored within the DB. For instance, when employees punch their cards in on IBMS gateways, a log of the activity is sent to the IBMS application where it is stored within the DB. We're interested in integrating the IBMS application so we may receive these employee-IBMS-interaction logs on Envision as well.


As far as I understand it, the only way to receive the logs for employee-IBMS-interactions is to pull this information (raw logs) from the IBMS application database itself. The question here that I have is, whether this is possible with Envision (or even SA as a matter of fact) or not?


Any alternative suggestions and/or a resolution/tip/guidance/indicator/solution on the issue will be very helpful and appreciated.