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Issue with filter conditions in rule finetuning.

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Aug 11, 2011
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We are facing issues while applying filters on rules. Please have a look at below example & suggest how we can apply the filter for same.

Lets say I want to filter below conditions from Alert


1)Source IP A with Signature B


 2) Source IP C with Signature D


As per my experience with RSA we can write this filter in 2 Patters :



Source IP = A


Signature = B


Source IP = C


Signature =D


 If we go with the order it will not give the desired result since it will work like as follows


Source IP = A AND (Signature = B OR Source IP = C) AND Signature = D

Whereas we want below result

(Source IP = A AND Signature = B) OR (Source IP = C AND Signature =D )


2 Pattern:


Source IP = A C AND Signature =B D


This will filter the Source IP A & Signature D which we dont want.


Request you to suggest me on this since we are receiving large number of alerts from 2 IP with different signatures which we want to whitelist via ruleset.