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Small bug with renaming of custom dashboard reports

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Aug 15, 2008
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NOTE: A bug fix has already been submitted to enVision engineers for this, so please don't re-submit.   I'm posting this as an FYI so others are aware of the temporary workaround.


v3.5.2 Build: 0170   (I'm not sure if this applies to other versions or not)


Issue:  It was observed that when renaming a custom dashboard report where the rename action is only changing the case sensitivity of the letters, enVision would error out and then completely drop the custom report from the "Overview, System Configuration, Dashboard Items, Dashboard Reports" tree view page on the left.    


Example:    Say you have a custom report called something like "Admin Account Lockouts - 15 min" and you decide you want to capitalize the "min" so it appears as "Admin Account Lockouts - 15 MIN".  When you make the change and save it, enVision will error out with "An unexpected error has occurred. Please refer to logfile: e:\nic\3502 <hostname>\logs\pi_webserver.log for more details. Dashboard Report object not found for report name: <new report name>".  Then, when you refresh the list on the left, your report that you just renamed is completely gone.    Ouch!!!



The temporary workaround:  Apparently this is a problem with case sensitivity changes only, so if you rename the report to something that includes a new carachter and save it, you can go through and rename it a second time to what you really want it to be.



You start with this: Admin Account Lockouts - 15 min

Rename it to: Admin account Lockouts - 15 min XYZ

Then rename that to: Admin account Lockouts - 15 MIN


Oh yes, I almost forgot... if you've already nuked your reports by accident and you've stumbled onto the forum here looking for how to get your report back... relax, I documented that also.  Here's what I did....

1.) Stop all services. 

2.) Locate the report's XML file which should be located in the E:\%envision%\etc\Reports\Custom\Dashboard directory and rename it back to what it was originally called before the incident occured. 

<side note>

Yes, I make a big assumption here that you know what it was called, exactly, with case sensitivity, otherwise you're kinda hosed.  You may still be able to go to the Manage Dashboard page and find your report listed there in the Name column as whatever it was before you renamed it.  For somereason that page still had mine listed and served as a good reference point.

</side note>

3.) Start all services.