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Using Informer Reports as a Searchable Intel Database

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Nov 9, 2012
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Informer does not have the ability to search through its past reports.  Those reports exist and are stored locally on the IIS server- under wwwroot, nwreporterweb, results-  but it is not in a searchable format.  So if you are looking for something specific- say a known malicious IP address and you wanted to know if it was listed on a prior report, you have to click through each day's reports and hope you get lucky.  This is not a workable way to find something.




I recently joined a group that has a year's worth of past reports sitting on their Informer system, and I know there is some good intelligence stored in those reports.  How could I get those old reports indexed and searchable? 


IIS used to be able to add a local directory to an indexing service, but Microsoft doesn't really support that in IIS 7.  I spent a couple of days trying to cobble together a generic search application for, and had mixed results.  I also crippled our Informer box a couple of times playing with permissions.  Not wanting to compromise the Informer application, I tried a different tack.


Microsoft Outlook has an outstanding search and indexing capability built-in.  So I grabbed all of the html reports under the results folder on the Informer box and dropped them into a local folder in my Outlook client. 




Presto!  I now had a searchable threat database built from a year's-worth of Informer reports.




Now that I have a searchable archive, I have made sure to subscribe by email to all of the new Informer Report results.  A rule in Outlook will make sure that each new report from the Informer will find its way into my indexed Outlook folder for easy searching.