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Windows 2008 SFTP

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Sep 4, 2009

Since RSA has not yet developed an SFTP agent that will work in Windows 2008. I automated WinSCP with the use of a batch file and a config script. In order to get all this to work just follow my simple instructions:


1) Download WinSCP (this can be the portable version you do not need to install)

2) Download PuttyGen from the putty download site

3) Generate a Public and Private key (like you would with the nic_sftp agent)

4) copy the public key over to enVision

5) connect to enVision with WinSCP and save the Public key.


winscp419.exe /privatekey=private.ppk /console


6) When the console opens up type "open nic_sshd@enVisionip"

7) Select Yes to store the Public key.

* This will create an ini file in the directory that WinSCP was executed from.


8) Now you can script the client


I have uploaded 2 files to this post.

conf.txt: script file to pass to winscp

script.txt: batch file to move files and execute winscp


The script file will move files to 2 specific directories. This is done so you do not upload the current file that is being written to (assuming that the newest file in the directory is getting written to).


Once this is working you can set Windows scheduler to run the batch job.