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Financial Institutes recommendations needed

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Feb 2, 2011
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I have these questions from a client of ours, it is a Financial Institute, so I need your help regarding: 1. To create a monthly report that contains overall security status, that can be presented to top management. enVision doesn’t have something by default (I tried to find something like this but with no luck), so I guess that we need to create one. 2. They would like to have some recommendations to use enVision, some best practices for Financial Institutes, like: what logs should collect, what alerts to define, what reports to run, etc. 3. Run Basel II and ISO 27001 reports. I read that for PCI DSS reports, the user has to define a device group called “Cardholder data” or something like this, and after that the report will have expected results. So, my question is if there are some prerequisites like this one that should be fulfilled in order to run Basel II and ISO 27001 reports? I didn’t read anything like this so any opinion will be life saver. 4. In enVision GUI: "Overview" - "System Configurations" - "Directories" - "manage storage locations" if Rotate is set to 85% signifies that enVision will rotate database when it reaches 85%? I mean that it will automatically delete old logs in order to free up some space? Many thanks, Catalin Neacsu