Cisco switch boxes using IOS are CIsco Switch or Cisco IOS device type..??

Discussion created by demarchip on Jun 11, 2012
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Hi everybody..!!
I have a doubt, I have 150 devices CIsco, some are router with IOS, some are switches with IOS (not CatOS).

The routers are set  with the Device Type "Cisco IOS" and the switches are set with Device Type "Cisco Switch" followin hte instructions on RSA Event Source Configuration Guide for Cisco IOS and Switch.

My problem is:
I want to see different  command types in this devices, but the messages ID parsed (for see this commands) are in the Cisco IOS device type only.
I use the messages ID (%PARSER-5-CFGLOG_LOGGEDCMD )  to see the executed command on CIsco console. This messages ID  is only for Cisco IOS device type, not for CIsco switch.
I need to see those executed commands on switches too. My questions are:

Can I change the device type from Cisco switch to CIsco IOS for my switches..??
This change, can I give some trouble?
Lose I the previous switches messages to change?

Sorry, my english in not good Thank you in advance for your help