Set up MSSQL 2005, need help.

Discussion created by aleksey on Jul 17, 2012
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Hi, I have a problem and i need a help from community, because support said me "I am afraid this is not something that support can do in detail for you , you will have to get on envision training for this."

But it is impossible, and no one never get money for study envision.


Now i try to describe my issue:

I am trying to set up an opportunity to get events from MSSQL 2005 with SQL guys.

We choose ODBC connection for collecting events, he set up MSSQL and I set up Envision follow by manual.

But, now i see in Envision in real time somethink like that:


7    2012/07/17 08:59:06.648 CEST    %MSSQL-17: 17||(null)||audit_reader||57||2012-07-17 08:58:51.790||(null)||1||(null)||(null)||(null)||2656||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||4096||GBW04091\NIF||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||master||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||D504ECC60C2E824B9A0AC3DFB798B5C8||(null)||(null)||(null)||2000002838F4010000000000||-- network protocol: TCP/IP set quoted_identifier on set arithabort off set numeric_roundabort off set ansi_warnings on set ansi_padding on set ansi_nulls on set concat_null_yields_null on set cursor_close_on_commit off set implicit_transactions off set language us_english set dateformat mdy set datefirst 7 set transaction isolation level read committed  


All messages have red color, and they have many "null" records, and of course Database table is clear.


I know that exist mssql.xml but i don't understand how it works. The RSA envision manuals don't describe so deep mechanism.

It will be great if someone share himself experience with me.