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How to request support for an Event Source.

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Nov 16, 2008



We - RSA enVision Development - have received the last months many requests to add support for new or updated devices/event sources in enVision.  In order to organise this better, we ask you all to forward the request via our updated WEB Page


This page is especially designed to better qualify the need and deliver later on the right expectations.


Please feel free to continue using this Intelligence Community Message Boards to discuss  potential Event Source tricks, workarounds , known issues with the experts. Remember also that not every discussion is moderated and does not necessary include RSA support.


If you would like to request "official" RSA support for a specific new or updated device, application, Operating System or give feedback on existing support please use the above form URL.  Each request will be reviewed and we are planning to sent - frequent - updates on the develoment back to the requester.


Many thanks and looking forward for your requests.



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