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Server 2008 Print Server Log Collection

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Mar 24, 2011
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I have Server 2008 Print Servers in my environment. However, unlike Server 2003 in which the print logs from user's print activity were written to the System log, that is not case in Server 2008. Because print activity was logged to the System log in Server 2003, enVision was capturing the print activity logs, and I had some real nice reports built which showed print activity for users. In Server 2008, it appears print activity is no longer logged to the System log. Rather, the print activity logs are written to the following location in the Server 2008 Event Viewer:


>Applications and Service Logs >Microsoft >Windows >PrintService >Operational


I have added "Operational" as an additional log to collect within enVision under Overview >System Configuration >Services >Devices >Windows Service >Manage Windows Logs, and then I have added the "Operational" log to the Windows Service for the Print Server and have restarted the Windows Service, but when I run WinTool to see why I am not collecting the Operational Log, there is the following error:


(    3)      DISABLED                  Operational                    Windows 7 (84600 ~ ) Fri Mar 25 08:36:26 2011 (Log file does not exist on device.)


I am seeking council regarding how to get enVision to successfully collect the print activity logs for Server 2008 Print Server.


Thank you!