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Move report button breaks previous scheduled report output

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2011 by RSA Admin

I have a case open on this, support seems hesitant to call it a bug just yet...


We created and scheduled some ad-hoc reports, leaving their report definitions in the original locations. IN an effort to clean things up, we use the new version 4.1 "Move" button to move a few reports to our custom report folder.


The move worked fine, but now none of the scheduled report output previous to the date of the move shows up in the Scheduled Reports calendar display. Reports run since the move have their results visible. I can't get to the old report output from the GUI anymore.


In e:\nic\4100\SITE\webapps\pi\pireport, we have a "Default" folder. Looking at the day folders, I can see that the report results are still in place for the days before I moved my report definitions. But despite the results being in the "d21", "d20", "d19" and so on folders, they are not displayed in the Scheduled Reports calendar view.


I can see by looking at the source for the 'report.htm' file in each day's directory that the reports run since my change are pointing to the new Custom report definition location. Anyone else seeing this issue?