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Windows 2003 Server disaster recovery

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Mar 1, 2010

Hi all,


       I have done disaster recovery on My Application Server. After  that Windows Server has found new device. It was a sound Card and multimedia controllers. I have done recovery from ASR BACKUP and all works perfect but the question is how about this device.   I have decide to install standard Microsoft drivers and it works by I have compare Application Server with DATABASE Server which is set by RSA and there is no sound card on Device Manager.


I have also checked System information on both servers andbookmark Sound CARD is empty on both. Next step was to  comapre system Registers and on recovered server there was hardware class{4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}which is no on Data Base Server.



the question is what is the reason for this type of event? Whether this is due to due to the use of a typical media microsoft windows instead of the RSA Recovery DVD?