Peak Users Per Day

Discussion created by Keith.Kemp on Jan 19, 2012
Hey, I'm trying to create a report on Envision 4.1 to display the peak number of users accessing our Cisco ASA VPN per day. Ideally, I'd like a weekly report that says something like: "Monday - 16 Unique Users - At 1:00 PM" "Tuesday - 14 Unique Users - At 12:30 PM" ETC But I'm not sure that's possible. The closest thing I can get is a daily table report based on KeepAlive packets (Message ID 710007). The report sorts by Count (Distinct Time) and Count (Distinct SourceAddress) and then I have it displayed by SourceAddress decreasing. So I just look at the top result and I can see at what time during the day we had the most concurrent users. If I run that report over two days, I get one day at the top with the most concurrent users and then I have to search for the first entry on the other day. I'm pretty new to Envision, so I'm confident I'm going about this backwards. Any help is appreciated.