Nominum Vantio

Discussion created by NathanF on Nov 1, 2011

Nominum Vantio caching nameserver outputs events that are easily consumed by RSA enVision for the purpose of monitoring and alerting on network activity. In doing so, security threats directed at an organization or directed at specific clients can be exposed prior to an actual security event. For example, Vantio can send an alert to enVision when query loads increase beyond normal levels, indicating a potential denial of service attack. Using this same output and reporting structure, another example of the power of this combined offering is how Vantio and enVision provide visibility into resource utilization. When utilization reaches abnormal levels due to non-responding name servers, an alert is generated to show the potential of a misconfigured “popular” zone. To make use of this combined solution, Vantio simply needs to be configured to send syslog messages to RSA enVision.


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