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How do I know if my NetWitness decoders and concentrators settings are correct?

Question asked by RSA Admin Employee on Sep 20, 2012

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In decoder and concentrator explorer view in Administrator, there are various settings under /decoder(or concentrator)/config; /database/config and /index/config nodes.

  • What are the proper settings for them?
  • How do I know if settings are correctly set for my decoders and concentrators?
  • How do I optimize these settings?




Starting in, we introduced a reconfig option which will reconfigure and optimize your NetWitness decoder and concentrator /decoder(or concentrator)/config, /database/config and /index/config settings based on decoder and concentrator hardware.


Please refer to Sales Froce KB article for detailed steps on how to perform reconfig operations: Solution: Reconfig and optimize and above decoder and concentrator settings


Please try to optimize these settings if you encounter performance related issues first.


Every time you perform a reconfig operation, it'll require a service restart. So if you plan to reconfig all 3 nodes (decoder|concentrator; database and index); you should reconfig all 3 of them first, then do a service restart once to reconfig settings for all 3 nodes.