Have any body integrated SQL 2008 through Agentless Method

Discussion created by Ragunathan_M on Oct 4, 2012

Integration of SQL 2005 & SQL 2008 did not have any problem when carried through Trace Method and everything was working fine... The issue with the trace is that, if the Envision stops collecting logs, then the logs will get full in the local SQL device and hence the customer wanted to migrate the same to Agentless method.

Initially configured the SQL 2008 device to write logs to the app log and started collecting the same through windows event viewer and got the device discovered as windows NIC and the same was manually changed to SQL and the collection went on fine. Tried integrating second SQL 2008 device in the same manner and did not go through fine. Have logged a case with RSA Support and the case is open for almost 3 months now and not solution is provided for the same. The development team is still working on the same to sort out the issue...... Do any one have any idea on the same.....