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New device types deployed but not shown

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Dec 26, 2012
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1. I've introduced new *nix machines to envision

2. created and validated a parser

3. created package and deployed (using the VBS file)

4. restarted nic service manager


following the above steps, all messages that should have been parsed (should have because the ESI confirmed all messages parsed correctly) are still going to "unknown" under analysis ->message view -> device type.


however, under Overview -> sys configuration ->devices -> Manage device types the new device name apears (with 0 monitored devices).


running "uds -parse -device *DeviceName* -error -msg -verbose > path_to_log.txt" showing some old logs that are related to other device type.


other than that i see not errors in any logs file that could indicate why the device types are not being shown/created ..


Please advise,