RSA Envision should help a technician to make a work, but

Discussion created by aleksey on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by RSA Admin

it doesn't help.

Envision gets updates, but It doesn't do a simple work, such a monitor devices that don't send their events.

I want a beautiful dashboard, which could show me devices which have a problem, but it doesn't do.

RSA Envision isn't cheap product, but i don't understand why it doesn't have so simple option?


For example, i tried to create a dashboard, and did it.

I suppose that i can group devices, i have more than 1000 servers in console, and 8 servers are MSSQL devices, and i create a group MSSQL servers and added MSSQL servers into it group.

I created a report with two columns "Hostname" and "Sum(Count1)", and i hoped that it can show me devices wich have "0" value, but unfortunately RSA Envision   filtered this devices and doesn't show it in dashboard.

I hate this system more and more, i didn't use any other, but i want it to do...



If you have best practices how you monitor any problems in that system, please share your experience.