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Warehouse Analytics Feature?

Question asked by Deepanshu Sood on Oct 19, 2015
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Is there any one who knows how to use warehouse anaytics.

As I have a SAW, and have a requirement of running 10 reports for last 10 months with raw logs and with some slecected metas.


So the problem what i face during scheduling the reports is that I can only run 1 single report at one time and if I try to run second report all the reports gets failed and then unable to generate any report.


So for this issue I want to understand like how I can use warehouse analytics service to configure jobs 122618


Pls suggest if one have a hands on experince with running the reports from SAW.

Because this process is taking so much time to get the reports.


And also 1 had started an report from 14th for a user and still it's running.


Pls suggest if anyone have an idea onto this. Thanks.



Deepanshu Sood.