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How Integrate a SQL 2005 Database to RSA Envision

Discussion created by Telefonica Chile on Jul 25, 2013

hi everyone,


i have a problem, i hope you can help me


i need integrate a table in specific from a SQL 2005 database, i made the next steps:


1.- in the path "System Configuration/ Services/Universal Device Collection / Manage ODBC " i created my sql sentence with the query.


2.- then in the path "System Configuration/ Services/ Device Services / Manage ODBC  Service" i put the database server with the ip address, user name and password of my database and the interval.


finally, i put a sniffer between database server and envision for getting all traffic and review the logs from my sql sentence described in the step 1.-


with my sniffer i see the logs between database and envision but if i go to "message view" a don't see any log's either the unknow device from my database server.


do you know what is happening? can you help me?