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Question asked by RSA Admin Employee on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by huan zhou


I'm getting crazy trying to put this Legacy Windows Collector in place with SA 10.3.1....


Installation doc only refers to software installation on the 2008 Server, and complex user permissions for non admin-user but nothing regarding the connexion between the SALWindowsCollector and Windows Servers (it's supposed to work like it was working with enVision, but is-it Agentless mode or Windows Legacy mode using WinRM)

Configuration doc is partly avalable on the

and even with this docs I can't make it works.


I'll open a case on the RSA support but in my mind this is not a bug, but some informations missing in docs : looking deeply in the logs, I discovered rabbitMQ need SSL certificates between SALogCollector and SALegacyWindowsCollector. This certificate subjet was covered previously in the enVision documents for Windows Eventing Collector Service.


Can you please confirm I'm on the goood way ?