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Filter/Rules for appliance capturing on multiple interfaces

Question asked by coCSAbzLgBkDkKhBc0SOLbnhEWBpZGxpdaFGPIwaUpg= on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by coCSAbzLgBkDkKhBc0SOLbnhEWBpZGxpdaFGPIwaUpg=

Hey all, I am working with a customer who have a fairly large deployment and we are setting up filters for multiple interfaces on the device...but I am beginning to think its not possible.


For example, we started off just applying a BPF filter...but that filter will only apply to the current interface being captured.  We dont want to use the filter on all interfaces.  Then we looked at Network and APP rules...but if we go that way, is it possible to specify the interface (em1, eth0...)?