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mcollective ping doesn't find new decoder appliance behind firewall SA

Question asked by David Mechsner on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2014 by Mudit

While enabling an appliance at the SA 10.4 gui the script "/etc/puppet/scripts/" is called the mco ping command.

In our environment, the new decoder appliance does not response the mco ping, altought the ampqs port is open



[root@saserver ~]# mco rpc rpcutil ping -I  0555a385-15aa-42bb-ac7f-568cf2406265

| [ >                                                             ] 0 / 1

Finished processing 0 / 1 hosts in 12017.67 ms

No response from:


[root@saserver ~]#


Does anybody has an idea, how to trace that "mco rpc rpcutil ping" and which ports/direction should be opened in FW for mcollective/rabbitmq/puppet.